SMARTY: An Intelligent Connected Device for Kids

Voice User Interface Features

SMARTY appeals to boys and girls.


Hands-free electronic Wi-Fi enabled device brings your favorite internet features into your home using just your voice.


Search features allows SMARTY to find and play back definitions, meanings and facts. Note taking,
diary and voice-to-text.


Audio learning of a foreign language. Stream audio books. An ideal study helper.


Allows your child to have their very first smart room.


SMARTY  sits comfortably in a child’s room ready to use any hour of the day.


Customizable alarm feature, control your room, turn on the lights.


Connect to other IoT devices, such as: Wi-Fi speakers. Play your favorite music. All hands-free!

In the News

Smarty: An Intelligent Connected Device for Kids

Other companies are taking the successful Amazon Echo model and expanding it further. One example is Siliconic Home. A Silicon Valley based startup, Siliconic Home is developing a product called Smart Creature, aka Smarty.  I learned more about the product in a discussion with Maura Sparks, vice president and co-founder of Siliconic Home…

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The future of smart toys and digital children

“The best way to describe it is Amazon Echo for kids,” explains Sparks, the co-founder of Siliconic Home. Addressing the audience at a recent conference in San Francisco on digital technology for children, she said Smarty is designed for kids aged between five and 12. It will answer their questions, remind them when homework assignments are due, wake them in the morning, control their bedroom lighting, and stream music and audio books… Read full article on The Guardian

Watch How SMARTY Works


Great concept!

T. Morena

Best Buy

I will use this 24/7!

Abbie Peterson

Age 10

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