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The future of smart toys and the battle for digital children

Maura Sparks is sitting on stage with a small, blue plastic creature on her lap. This is the first prototype of Smarty, she explains, a voice-controlled digital assistant Sparks hopes to attract funding for and launch in late 2017.

New gadgets are launched every day in San Francisco, but this personal assistant has a twist: it is the first intended purely for children.

“The best way to describe it is Amazon Echo for kids,” explains Sparks, the co-founder of Siliconic Home. Addressing the audience at a recent conference in San Francisco on digital technology for children, she said Smarty is designed for kids aged between five and 12. It will answer their questions, remind them when homework assignments are due, wake them in the morning, control their bedroom lighting, and stream music and audio books. Parents can monitor the child’s activity through a web-accessible dashboard. “It is something a child can use from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed,” Sparks says…

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What to Call the Emerging Category of In-Home Intelligent Assistants

A new category of intelligent assistant is emerging and entering our households. Opus Research is primarily focused on the use of intelligent assistants for enterprises in customer care settings. These solutions are part of a larger ecosystem of self-service options that offer huge benefits to businesses and their customers. We also examine the personal assistant and personal advisor market. Personal assistants tend to be “horizontal” offerings that accomplish simple tasks while leaving the more complex transactions to specialists. Personal advisors focus on specialized services.

All of these solutions — customer-facing intelligent assistants, horizontal personal assistants, and specialized personal advisors — leverage many of the same technologies. Natural language understanding underpins all intelligent assistance, along with the ability to seamlessly translate user intent into appropriate responses and actions. Opus Research has tracked the technologies and solutions by developing an Intelligent Assistance landscape and Lead Analyst Dan Miller just published a piece on VentureBeat abouthow IA has entered the mainstream.


Other companies are taking the successful Amazon Echo model and expanding it further. One example is Siliconic Home. A Silicon Valley based startup, Siliconic Home is developing a product called Smart Creature, aka Smarty. I learned more about the product in a discussion with Maura Sparks, vice president and co-founder of Siliconic Home.

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