SMARTY Advantage

Juvenile ASR for children as young as 5

“Far Field” functionality– up to 15 ft (5 m) range

Unique  h/w & s/w combination for noise reduction
(e.g., patentable spatial filtering technology & digital signal processing)

Platform handles all levels of ASR across BOTH device & Cloud

Portability/battery powered

Able to function without Internet connectivity

Open-platform to allow selected 3rd party service & content providers to participate in revenue sharing programs

Inside Our Platform

Why buy SMARTY?

Hands-free, No screen time

Improve language Skills

Allows user to multi-task

Easy and fun Voice-user Interface (VUI)

Convenience connecting to IT devices

Streaming audio anytime

Feature-rich, endless uses

Visionary product changing how people connect to the Internet

Siliconic Home - AI Consumer IoT Company

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